At Kingsdale Mortgage Centre, we understand that your mortgage renewal is a significant financial decision that requires careful consideration. Our dedicated team of mortgage experts is here to help you navigate this process, ensuring that you renew your mortgage and secure terms that align with your current financial goals.

A mortgage renewal refers to the process of extending or renegotiating an existing mortgage agreement once the initial term comes to an end. Mortgages typically have fixed terms, commonly ranging from one to five years, during which borrowers make regular payments based on a specified interest rate. At the end of this term, the mortgage is said to be up for renewal.

It’s crucial for borrowers to carefully assess their financial situation and goals during the mortgage renewal process. Factors such as changes in income, housing market conditions, and personal financial objectives can influence the decision-making process. Starting the renewal process well in advance of the term expiration allows borrowers to explore their options, negotiate effectively, and make informed choices that align with their current.

Our Mortgage Renewal Process:

Comprehensive Consultation: Schedule a consultation with our mortgage experts to discuss your financial goals and assess your current mortgage terms. We’ll take the time to understand your unique situation.

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