Has your poor credit score led to your mortgage application being rejected bya traditional lender? Don’t worry, you can count on Kingsdale Mortgage Centre for a private mortgage. A private mortgage is a short term loan that usually ranges anywhere between six months to three years. We will identify the best rates and terms to suit your specific needs. Unlike banks where the lending rules and guidelines are strict, we are more lenient, as our focus lies more towards the condition of the property rather than the person’s credit score and income level.

A borrower will usually try to secure a mortgage by approaching a traditional lender first. If they get turned down because of their credit history, then they will approach a private lender. Bear in mind, the interest rate charged by a private mortgage lender is higher than what banks would offer. A private mortgage is an ideal alternative to secure money quickly even when your credit score is not the greatest.

As mentioned above, it is a short-term financial alternative for someone who fails to qualify for a loan from a bank. A private mortgage lender will take a look at the borrower’s property value, and how much equity is present, including taking into consideration the city in which it is located. To find out more information or to apply for a private mortgage, please feel free to reach out to the team at Kingsdale Mortgage Centre.

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There are various reasons why many individuals find private mortgages as an ideal alternative. They are a fantastic
choice. It can take weeks for a mortgage to get approved by a traditional lender, and there are high chances that
your loan request can get rejected. A private mortgage lender on the other hand is a lifesaver for people who
require money immediately. Furthermore, they can secure a better deal than what most banks would offer. You
can rest assured; that we will guide you at every step of the process to help you make a well-informed choice.
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Why work with a private
mortgage lender?

There are several reasons why borrowers choose to work with a private mortgage lender. Below mentioned are some of them:

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We go the extra mile to help clients buy their dream property. Our team can identify the best rates and terms, including the right financing options to meet your specific needs. To schedule an appointment or to request a free, no-obligation estimate, speak to our team today if you need help securing a private mortgage.