Second Mortgage

People look for assistance to cover unexpected costs, home renovations, and even to consolidate high-rate consumer debt. We at Kingsdale Mortgage Centre provide you with the best lending option. With second mortgages, many of our clients currently secure up to 80% LTV, depending on their status and requirements. It’s crucial to remember that with us, getting money is simple and won’t violate the conditions and limitations of your initial mortgage.

Have you probably locked in for a set amount of time—possibly 5 or 10 years? Have you signed the documentation for your first mortgage while interest rates were low? With a second mortgage, you can avoid breaking your mortgage and being liable to the current interest rate. You can get low-cost access to up to 80% of your house equity with a second mortgage. With us, you can immediately access funds for whatever purpose you like. Additionally, you can benefit from reduced interest rates, not including paying cancellation fees or breaking your present mortgage.


Our Top Mortgage Loans:

Our knowledgeable mortgage brokers at Kingsdale Mortgage Centre are here to assist you in deciding if a second mortgage is the perfect choice for you. To determine which plan will be most advantageous for you and your family, they will evaluate this choice to the others. Every time we offer a solution, our highly qualified mortgage brokers will take the time to go over all the specifics. We care that you have all the information you need and that you feel completely confident in the choice you make.

Qualifying for a second mortgage might be a complex process without a good reference. For entrepreneurs, the problem might worsen if criteria like credit scores, cash flows, and down payments are unclear. A previous history of poor credit can make things worse for mortgage loans.

We have worked closely together for years in providing second mortgages and simplifying the major difficulties experienced by those looking for second mortgages. Therefore, we provide financing options that make it straightforward, affordable, and easy to avail. Below are the mortgage services offered by the Kings Dale Mortgage:

✔ Self Employed Mortgage
✔ Bridge loan
✔ Stop the power of sale
✔ Bad credit mortgage
✔ Renovation loan
✔ Home equity

✔ Debt consolidation loan
✔ Private mortgage
✔ Second mortgage
✔ Deposit for purchase
✔ Refinancing

Why Choose Kingsdale Mortgage Centre?

Our staff is proud that our clients choose our financing services over the many other financing options on the market. The following are some of the main elements that contributed to our consumers’ faith in us:

1.Flexible Terms:  Our professionals try to offer flexibility in second mortgage terms, given the complexities of the market’s competition. As a result, you are not compelled to sign a rigid contract; all the terms and conditions are tailored to your requirement.

2.Economical Interest Rates:  We keep in mind that our valuable clients have already been paying interest on their first mortgage. Offering affordable interest rates to various clients looking for a second mortgage is one of our main focuses.

3.The Optimum Financing Alternative:  Our financing specialists assist you in identifying the best second mortgages, including financing and deposits. It becomes simple to help find the ideal funding strategy based on your needs and requirements.

4.Recurring Loan Payments:  For any individual looking for second mortgages, the varying instalments and hidden fees are a headache. Keeping in mind your current and future budget goals we offer recurring loan repayment terms.

Acquire a Second Mortgage today by booking a free consultation.

Do you require assistance while looking for second mortgages? Get in touch with Kingsdale Mortgage Centre right now to speak with one of our specialized second mortgage brokers and get your loan quickly approved with a high LTV and lower interest rates. Take advantage of the free advice from our specialists and make the most acceptable plans for your requirement. Make a call right away!